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January 2018

A funeral can cost over £5,000 all-in. And if you want a more lavish send-off the cost can soar. So if you're worried about what kind of funeral you'll have once you pass away, one option to consider is a funeral plan. This quick guide covers what a funeral plan is, how much it costs and what to look out for.

What is a funeral plan? Very simply a funeral plan covers the cost of your send-off when you die. You can buy one from a funeral plan provider which then pays the funeral director directly for your ceremony. This means your family won't have to get involved with any of the finances or administration.

What will the plan cover? Typically funeral plans will cover the essentials of a funeral, such as the cost of a coffin, care of the body, transport of the body to a funeral director and a hearse. It usually won't include any extras such as such as flowers, catering for a wake, a newspaper notice or extra cars to transport family members. So if you want these you'll need to let your family know they may need to pay for these at the time.

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Buyer Protector

9 August 2017

As you may have heard from the recent media outburst (somewhere between Theresa May news) funeral cost are on the rise.

A recent 2016 report has shown an increase of over £1000 in the last year alone. This means that an average funeral now costs £9,740.

It’s like a blessing from above for many Brits

This is unknown to many, but if you or a loved one are worried that your family may not be able to pay for the funeral service and put food on the table there is an easy and proven way out…

Have You Fallen Victim To The Funeral Industry’s Lies?

Many people fall victim to the pricing of funeral industry. They make you think that you have no way out and have to pay through the nose. But it’s worse than that because even the funeral directors and other employees of the industry are trained to think like that by them.
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December 2017

Death can cause financial tragedies as well as grief. Yet planning for the end isn't about being morbid. It's about making crucial financial preparations to lessen the impact when it happens.

Our checklist includes tips on wills, inheritance tax, funerals and setting up a power of attorney, plus how to do the 'unpleasant issues' chat.

If you've any suggestions to help others, please add your tips in the forum. Also see: What To Do When Someone Dies and 50+ Tips for Over-50s.

20+ tips, including...

1 Have the 'unpleasant issues' chat

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